Australian Enamellers

Jean Wilkinson


Silversmith, Jeweller, Enameller.

I was born 1961 in Co. Dublin Ireland, the last of nine children.

As a young child my passions were making things and dancing. Those days the library played a big part as our source of knowledge, and I spent a lot of time borrowing and read Google and YouTube today!

I was born into a family of makers and artists. My mother and father could turn their hands to anything. Our clothes were handmade, our shoes repaired. Even some of the furniture was built by my Dad. Mam was especially good at Irish lace crochet and created work for some of the big designers of the day. Aran knitwear was another means by which she made extra money, but her love was oil painting. Wild seas and mountains. I learned all the crafts from her and by the age of 12, I could lace, crochet, knit, sew, and embroider but what I especially loved was constructing things. I remember making an American Indian Papoose from wire coat hangers, padding and fabric.