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AUSTRALIAN suppliers  

Sydney -   A & E Metal Merchants
Sydney -   Kiln Shelves
Melbourne -  Koodaks Jewellery Supplies

All Capitals - Australian Jewellery Supplies

OVERSEAS Societies

OVERSEAS suppliers

UK   -    Harrison & Harrison - Metal Stamping.

USA -   Thompson Enamels
USA -   Schlaifers Enameling Supplies
USA -   Enamelworks


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USA - Enamel Guild North East

About The Guild. The Enamel Guild/NorthEast was created through the leadership of Marilyn Druin along with a handful of enamelists from New Jersey and New York who saw the need for a larger regional association to further the art of enameling. In January of 1992, the Enamel Guild/North East was formed at a meeting at the Newark Museum with Marilyn Druin as its president. At this first meeting there were 41 charter members. For 20 years the Enamel Guild/North East has actively promoted the art of enamels and has a membership of approximately 120 (covering eight states), the largest of any regional guild in the US.

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