Kinokuniya Exhibition 2009

Kinokuniya is a sprawling bookshop above Town Hall Station in the middle of Sydney.

It specialises in Japanese art and literature, as well as having an exceptional range of Art related books. (not to mention your traditional range of books) It is a popular place for artists to display their work, as one can see everything as you ride up (or down) on the escalator. This exhibition ran for a week. The Enamellers Association has endeavoured to hold a charity event each year.

The Kinokuniya Exhibition occurred over Valentine's Day, so we sold small enamelled hearts. The proceeds from these sales went to the Heart Foundation.

This event was organized by the Enamellers Association, and held in Mary Raymond’s studio in Sydney. Fay, from Burlington Ontario  is renowned for her exquisite enamelling. However, in this workshop she had agreed to show us how to add form and dimension to enamelled pieces. It was a very structured workshop, although the pieces seem to be quite free in form. Fay is exceptionally generous with the information she shares with her students. We all considered ourselves very fortunate to have had her as a tutor.

Fay Rooke Workshop 2010

Valerie Aked’s Retirement. 2012

Thanks to Jimmy Lim for all of these photographs

Val & Beth

Bill Dorman


Willoughby Exhibition 2012

Miss Lio, a highly regarded university lecturer and enameller from Japan, ran two 3 day workshops in Sydney. This had been organised for enamellers by Tamiko Hodgson, who also undertook to translate as needed. Tamiko and Kyoko worked easily together, making it an extremely professionally presented workshop.

Miss Lio used T/T enamels, a brand of very high firing hard enamels.  She focused on traditional techniques, particularly when grinding back our pieces.  Our surfaces were intended to be matt rather than the high gloss we are used to. We were all very pleased with our results, and thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.

Lyndan Blackman                                                                                                                                                                   Photographs by Jimmy Lim

Workshop with Miss Kyoko Lio July 2014

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