Laura Haszard

Lisa Pohlman

Lyn Harrower

Some of the photos link to examples of the Artists work Click the photo to see

Annette Arundel Brandle

Bob Fastovsky

Jackie Cable

Janet Baker

Annette Clarke

Mary Raymond

Allan Heywood

Sally Aplin

Barbara Ryman

Vicki Birt

Pauline Gray

Rex Steele Merten

Felicity Peters

Johanna DeMaine

Kathy Aspinall

Michele Huppert

Michelle Stewart

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John Richardson

Anna-Margot  Millton

Cindy Durant

Marilyn Phipps

Beth Spence

Sue Davies

Tamiko Hodgson

Margret Siddall

Caron Reid

Robin Allan

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Carolie O’Connor

Imelda Lee

Paula Bockman-Chato

Rupa Bala

Yvonne Rounds